Please follow this pricing guide for your logo, branding and/or custom artwork order. Once all elements of your order is decided upon, preparation, preliminary work and execution of the order will be completed. A quote with full detail of your order will then be provided to you, including a breakdown of time spend completing the project and payment owed. Upon receiving payment, the order will be delivered.

Design work per hour: $25.00

Family Illustrations: $25 per person, no charge for infants & animals

This included preparation, preliminary work/drafts and execution of order. I do not charge for time spent reviewing feedback, emailing, researching or collecting inspiration. My goal is to be fair, affordable and deserving of this rate.

Your lovely items are produced in San Jose wherein has a 9.25% tax rate.

$12.00 is added to all orders for shipping. If shipping is not needed, this fee will not be charged.

Turn-around time for custom work is agreed upon as the order details are being discussed.