I have been one BUSY lady!! Between projects, chasing my two years old, being a friend and sister and daughter and wife… well I sure haven’t given myself a moment or two to add images of all of my latest and greatest! I can’t wait to show off everything I have been up to. I will have many additions to portfolio links by the end of the day :)



I have done a bit of editing to my calligraphy pricing guide and have added a new link for logo, branding and custom artwork costs! I have also added turn-around time information to all pricing guides as well as rush fee information! WOOHOO!

Coming soon: A ‘Calligraphy Workshop Pricing’ link filled with information on how to host a beginner’s calligraphy workshop with me!

Summer Wedding Invitations

As promised, I wanted to share the invitations that followed my watercolor save the dates! It was a very different process creating these vs the save the dates, as I worked with the mother of the bride this go around! It was interesting to work with someone who had an eye for design and desired a very specific look, because typically I have so much freedom and power to make my products just how I see fit. I liked the challenge of making this invitation and learning how to adjust my designs quickly and easily to show different options and modifications that fit my MOB’s vision! And when she received them in the mail, she couldn’t have been happier!!!
IMG_0815 IMG_0814

Next up is an invitation that I’m still completing some envelope lining for this week, but I’m so eager to show them off!! I had never done a beach themed invitation before this one, so I was so excited for the opportunity! I used peach, pool blue and paper bag to give the invite some color pops but also keep to the burlap, rustic look that my brides were looking for. The belly band really gives this wedding suite the final touch, with thick burlap ribbon and an embossed watermark of scattered shells.

I’m also so thrilled to continue working for, who I like to call, my “blush & gold bride”. I just started up her order of 400 escort cards!!

Working As A Mom

My first son arrived at the end of February this year and after a bit of time adjusting to life as a mom, I am back at it with my ventures as a small business owner! My work moves at a much different pace then before – envelope ling in between feedings, singing the adhesive process to Connor as I work and keep him entertained, writing this blog one-handed while rocking Connor with the other – but I must say, it’s a blast! I’m amazed at how much I can still do if I set my mind to it. My first project after having Connor was a really fun one! My bride wanted a custom floral watercolor design to be used on her save the dates and wedding invitations. I love these kind of requests, because it gives me the opportunity to “get dirty” with paint and enjoy the organic quality of hand done work! My bride gave me some inspiration photos that I worked from and the end result fit her vision perfectly! I used gouache for the flowers’ “petals” and finetec ink for the gold line detail, then after popping the design into my computer, I was able to play with the design in combination to the right fonts to give my bride’s save the dates the look and feel that she desired. I am now currently working on the invitations and look forward to sharing the final result soon!









Holiday Craft Fairs

PHEW!!! It was an amazing first holiday season for BethLovesPaper!!! I participated in four events: The Twin Pines Holiday Craft Fair in Belmont CA., The Etsy SF Indie Holiday Emporium in San Francisco CA., Christmas at Kohl Holiday Boutique in Burlingame CA. and The Holiday Gift Shopping Event & Toys for Tots Drive in South San Francisco, CA. I had never done any kind of craft fair events before, as my business only just opened this year, so I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into… I prepared how I thought one should with lots of pre-made product to display and sell, a portfolio to show custom order options, price signs, a BLP sign, tables, chairs… I was overwhelmed to say the least and as I geared up toward event #1 I felt like I still didn’t have enough! But after completing a successful weekend at the Twin Pines Holiday Craft Fair, I learned so much about my product!! What was popular, how my prices compared to other vendors, what customers wanted, what they didn’t want – it was an amazing eye opener and, overall, I left these events with the confidence that what I’m doing is what people like (yay me!). I am looking forward to taking on craft fairs more and more and not just during the holidays! I will be sure to post and promote any upcoming events that I plan to partake in going forward!