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How To Line Any Envelope

IMG_9606One of my favorite ways to jazz up a card is to line its envelope! I even like to line envelopes when I purchase greeting cards (yes, I do still buy cards here and there)! All you need is some awesome paper to line your envelope with and the means to make a quick envelope liner template.



To make your template, lay the envelope on a piece of scratch paper. This paper will turn into your template, so if you’re going for a long lasting template, you can use chipboard. Trace around the envelope with a pencil. Measure 1/8″ in on each rectangular/square edge, not including the top edge with the envelope flap.




Now measure the width of the lick n stick on your envelope flap and make note on your template. From that point, use a ruler to draw a line from that mark down each top corner.


Cut your template out! If you’re using chipboard, you may want to use an exacto knife. Flip your fancy liner paper upside down and trace your template onto the backside, so no pencil marks show once it’s in your envelope. Cut out your liner!


Use your Thermoweb tape runner to either run two strips of adhesive along the triangular edges of the liner paper or of the envelope. I say ‘either’ because some fine papers, if made out of natural fibers, will not take to the tape runner. You don’t need adhesive anywhere else, the envelope will hold the rest of your liner in.







Slide your liner into the envelope and adjust so that it’s centered and absolutely perfect in every way. Press down to adhere and give the flap a nice fold. Voila!