I have been one BUSY lady!! Between projects, chasing my two years old, being a friend and sister and daughter and wife… well I sure haven’t given myself a moment or two to add images of all of my latest and greatest! I can’t wait to show off everything I have been up to. I will have many additions to portfolio links by the end of the day :)



I have done a bit of editing to my calligraphy pricing guide and have added a new link for logo, branding and custom artwork costs! I have also added turn-around time information to all pricing guides as well as rush fee information! WOOHOO!

Coming soon: A ‘Calligraphy Workshop Pricing’ link filled with information on how to host a beginner’s calligraphy workshop with me!

My First Calligraphy Workshop!!!

BLP_CalligraphyWkshp-2-3679941045-OIt was such a pleasure to teach my first calligraphy workshop in November of this year! Photographer and calligraphy enthusiast, Carmen Robinson, reached out to me knowing that I had a passion and history with the art form. I began to play around with calligraphy after knowing and watching my mother’s calligraphy expertise over the years. My mother hosted a calligraphy workshop for me as a birthday gift in 2013 with renown Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls and since then I invested myself into learning, growing and becoming a true, amateur calligraphist. I started my journey by committing to address all of my own wedding invitations in early 2014 and have continued to practice, practice, practice so that I could master (well there’s still much mastering to be done!) this art form.


BLP_CalligraphyWkshp-4-3679941601-OI never turn down any kind of opportunity, so I jumped at the idea of teaching a workshop for Carmen and her friends & family. We coordinated a date for Carmen to host a brunch and workshop on November 8th. To prepare for my first class, I asked myself what I appreciated in the calligraphy classes I have taken, what I needed but didn’t receive, and what order the information needed to be delivered in. I created a curriculum and calligraphy “kits” for each student so that I could successfully teach, what in my eyes would be, the perfect beginner’s calligraphy class. Going about it in the way I did, by thinking about what I needed, wanted, and used as a beginner, worked so well for everyone who attended.




What I loved most about teaching this class, was to see everyone find their own creative way to connect with the art form and develop a font that they enjoyed writing. I based the class off of the very tradition Copperplate font (different that what you see on Word), but I also encouraged everyone to let themselves be creative and feel inspired to break the rules of Copperplate a bit. I brought a copy of ‘Modern Calligraphy’ by Molly Suber Thorpe so that my students could see how calligraphy fonts can transform and be created. Carmen also had a copy of this book to share! So, though we learned the fundamentals and rules of classic calligraphy, by the end of the workshop there were so many beautiful and artistic twists given to the alphabet. There was so much magic in the room as I watched my students fall into “the zone” and fall in love with calligraphy.



I look forward to teaching another calligraphy class in the New Year! I have had a handful of inquiries and look to host a workshop in my home in San Jose. If interested in joining, please email me!







Here’s my lovely host & photography Carmen Robinson and I getting excited as we set up for the day! Carmen took all of these beautiful photos of the workshop that I am sharing. She’s truly a talented artist, who I enjoy sharing a passion for creativity with. Visit her website at http://carmenrobinson.smugmug.com to see how truly talented she is! Carmen and I are itching to collaborate on a photo card for your next baby announcement, graduation announcement, family photo card, and more!