I’m so excited to give my business an updated look! I have contemplated the idea of changing my business name actually, but as I’ve grown, I think I may actually have made a bit of a name for myself and I would hate to take any steps backward in my ‘spread-the-word’ department. Though that idea isn’t off the table just yet, I thought maybe a new logo look would satisfy my desire to exude a clean and mature feel that is approachable for both women and men. I think it’s worked?!!


IMG_6571 (1)

I have been a busy bee, especially in the field of calligraphy! As the word has gotten out, the inquires have been flowing in and each project has been a joy to complete and a great way for me to maintain this beautiful art form. If you’re thinking about calligraphy for your next event, see my pricing guide via my ‘custom design, printing & calligraphy’ link and email me for a quote. I will directly collaborate with you on font style and format to achieve your vision!


Photo above: “Table” was already printed on this provided cards, the numbers and names are by yours truly!



I’m so excited about this awesome product! Out of personal need, I created a front door sign to ward off the UPS man while my little guy is snoozing. I wanted something simple, colorful and with my own choice of words. Well folks, it turned out so darn cute that I have put this door sign on my Etsy shop and, as it turns out, there are a LOT of moms out there who need these signs as well! Choose your own wording and your own color scheme!



BethLovesPaper has been accepted to Yelp and I am thrilled to expand my business even further by reaching more people in the world through this site! I would love to see you reviews! Your feedback is not only helpful to others, but also to me. I love to learn what you enjoyed most while working with me, what can be fine tuned, and above all how my product reached your expectations and affected your event(s). I am truly humbled by flattered by all of you as I work hard to achieve beautiful designs and quality goods. Follow the link to write a review: