IMG_9728Teflon Bone Folder (6″)

The 6″ (go big or go home) sells on Amazon.com for $21

Natural bone folders leave a waxy residue when you burnish your paper due to the oils within the bone. Teflon however, will not leave that residue and hurt your expensive papers! This is the number one reason why I am such an advocate! Number 2 awesome factor: the shape is also carefully catered to crafting and bookbinding. The thickness of the folder is .25″ to help you measure when cutting corners for bookbinding, one end is pointed for those tricky, tiny places and the other as flat for burnishing gutters and pressing folds. It’s… the bomb. A little on the pricey side, but absolutely worth it!


IMG_9729Martha Stewart Scoreboard

You can find your scoreboard on Amazon.com for as little as $15

I purchased my martha scoreboard to make absolutely perfect paper rosettes for my wedding. I had no idea at the time that this would turn into a tool that I would be using consistently for my cardmaking as well! It creates perfectly measured scorelines to fold your paper without cracks or tears in your paper and never give you a crooked card. I’m still experimenting with new projects that will allow me to use this amazing find!


IMG_9727Thermoweb Tape Runner

Runners and refills available on Amazon.com for around $5

My little pink tape runner is like my lifeline. Primarily, I use it to adhere all of my envelope liners (which is a LOT) and any other paper products that require adhesive assembly, such as invitation backings.


IMG_9730Sakura Stardust Gellyroll Pens

Available on Amazon.com for $9

If you love glitter and shimmer as much as I do, you need these! And I mean NEED! The ink colors are bright, but soft and has a glitzy pearl essence that will entrance you. If you like to handwrite notes, color in doodles and small illustrations, you will absolutely love these. Gellyrolls, in general, are one of my favorite types of pens. The ink comes out thick, doesn’t “hick up” when you write, and let’s you move the pens smoothly.


IMG_9731Paper Source PVA Bookbinding Glue

The big tub is available at Papersource.com for $12.95

PVA stands for polyvinyl acetate, it’s PH neutral and though it’s thick and white, it dries completely clear. This is my number 2 adhesive next to the Thermoweb tape runner. I use PVA for bookbinding projects and to cover boxes and wall letters with beautiful, imported paper. One reason I love it, is that it’s very flexible and when you use the right bookbinding brush (and your teflon bone folder!) any project you do will come out looking absolutely professional!

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