Busy Ain’t Bad!

I must admit that when I slowed my work down before my due date, I was worried that I was taking steps backward with the progress and promotion I had worked so hard to build for my business. When I started “it all” back up after bringing our beautiful baby boy into the world, I continued to worry as my priorities shifted and I wasn’t giving 110% to BethLovesPaper anymore. Connor was and continues to be #1, but what was that going to mean for BLP? Now that I can look back on my progress over the past 5 months, I must say, it’s all picked right back up! I thank myself for the hard work I put in promoting BethLovesPaper and getting the word out on my many services last year – it has continued to pay off even now. I have not been as proactive in that department since Connor blessed us with his presence and yet I am still having so many amazing new customers reach out to me. I have not had any lulls (knock on wood!) in business and I have been challenged with so many new requests and products this year! Party decor, business branding, custom artwork… It’s been a blast! Thanks to all who have helped BethLovesPaper thrive! Here are some photos of recent projects!IMG_1861

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