Working As A Mom

My first son arrived at the end of February this year and after a bit of time adjusting to life as a mom, I am back at it with my ventures as a small business owner! My work moves at a much different pace then before – envelope ling in between feedings, singing the adhesive process to Connor as I work and keep him entertained, writing this blog one-handed while rocking Connor with the other – but I must say, it’s a blast! I’m amazed at how much I can still do if I set my mind to it. My first project after having Connor was a really fun one! My bride wanted a custom floral watercolor design to be used on her save the dates and wedding invitations. I love these kind of requests, because it gives me the opportunity to “get dirty” with paint and enjoy the organic quality of hand done work! My bride gave me some inspiration photos that I worked from and the end result fit her vision perfectly! I used gouache for the flowers’ “petals” and finetec ink for the gold line detail, then after popping the design into my computer, I was able to play with the design in combination to the right fonts to give my bride’s save the dates the look and feel that she desired. I am now currently working on the invitations and look forward to sharing the final result soon!









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