Being Your Own Boss

The past few months have been wild! As I am quite new to working for myself, it has been a challenge to convince both myself and especially my friends that I still have a job. Becoming your own boss means that you have the absolute freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want, BUT to be successful, you also have to stay very disciplined. After a few weeks of becoming my own boss I realized that socializing was taking a toll on my business focus. So I sat down and made some lists! Lists of all the things that I aspired to post on my site, wanted to create samples of for my shop and so on. It’s amazing how simple you can start the process – just a blank word document and some fingers to type with – and now I have more to do and more to dedicate my time to than I even realized I would! So my best advice to becoming your own boss is don’t let your life get in the way of your passions. Now that I monitor how many times I say “yes” to a lunch date, a walk at the park, a night out, I can see a world of a difference in the progress of BethLovesPaper. Give time to what you want to do, nourish your business and you will see the return. You’ll hit that point where you can stop and say “Omg I’m doing it!”

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